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Internship Program

Milani Construction regularly attends college career fairs and actively seeks interested candidates for our internship program. Milani provides a unique opportunity for interns as they are involved with many aspects of the construction process in a short period of time and, most importantly, are personally mentored by an executive of the company.


Milani offers part-time fall and spring internships and full-time summer internships. 



Interested in joining our Team?

Email your resume to today or visit us when we're on a campus near you. 

Please check your school's website to see when we'll be visiting your campus. 


What Our Interns Have to Say:

"Upon becoming a member of the Milani family, I became part of a team that has an amazingly friendly and productive work environment. Under the guidance of brilliant people, I had the opportunity to grow both as an individual and as a future engineer. I had the extraordinary chance to explore my career path and learn the how of putting theory into practice. I greatly appreciate the wide range of knowledge and expertise that was available to me through the company. I am thankful for the support and experience I gained that developed my communication, teamwork, and engineering skills tremendously." 


2015-2016 Milani Intern

University of Maryland, College Park


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